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    Training Arc I: Ranton(Storm)

    Kirin L. Inuzuka

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    Training Arc I: Ranton(Storm)

    Post by Kirin L. Inuzuka on Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:14 am

    What I'm Training:
    Ranton the Storm Element - 2000 Words

    Being a clear, sunny day, out in the beautiful skies of Sukaigakure. Here we go in to the life of the one and only, Kirin Inuzuka, the First Sukaikage. After the gigantic war against the Juubi between all of the Great Five Major Village, everything was destroyed. Only few thousand people survived the End War against the mighty beast. After a while, Shinobi and Man re-collaborated and brought itself back together. New villages were made, and the First Five Kages were selectively chosen, Kirin Inuzuka, being the first on of The Village Hidden in the Sky. Kirin liked her village, because, well, it was basically floating in the air. It was perfect for defending against intruders because of its big walls and height in altitude. Kirin was standing at the rooftop of the Sukaikage Building, where all past and future Sukaikage's reside. The Sukaikage Building was a gigantic building, shaped as a cloud, made out of fiberglass, making it nearly unbreakable. Kirin was standing on the poof part of it on the top of the building, gazing out in to the open world.

    "You know, I really have not created any jutsu in a while. I think it's time that I develop my own, personal, style. Something like, like an, an element!", Kirin said to herself, as she snapped at the end of her sentence. She looked down the building and jumped off the edge, skidding down the glass part of it on both two feet, and front flipping off of it when she got to the end. That was fun!, Kirin thought to herself. She walked through the streets, as villagers everywhere were greeting Kirin here and there, and Kirin began to like it. After a while though, it did get kind of boring. She walked over to the Training Grounds, where there was a clear stream of water on the side, with a huge stone built in on the left of it, with a couple cloud formed wood pieces in the middle. "Interesting, we have a nice Training Area around here", Kirin said out loud. There weren't any ninja around to see her create her magic, as all of them had left, and probably were in another village. Kirin always sent her shinobi out on missions, so that they could get they're quota of missions in, followed by learning experience in combat.

    It was always Kirin's dream, at the beginning of becoming the Sukaikage, to have the most powerful ninja out of all of the other villages. If she kept up the way she was going, she might have it out pretty soon.


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