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    Jutsu training

    Haruno Rain

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    Jutsu training

    Post by Haruno Rain on Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:09 am

    Whats being trained:

    Important Body Disturbance = 600 word's

    Today was a rather differen't day for Haruno Rain, It was his day of from working at the hospital and as rare as it was, He was not needed for a mission. So what would someone like him do, He could go for a drink or a meal, Or see some friend's that he had'nt seen for sometime, It was a pretty big dicision for someone who rarely gets time off,

    The light's in this halloween town were i shining as they did all day everyday, The sun would or should have been up but the darkness within the land overpowered it simply, Did the darkness piss him off, Well sometime's but no other medical shinobi apart from the Kowaii department could fight in the darkness as good, His decision today was clear he was going to enjoy his day off but he was going to study, The past few week's he had been practicing a technique that would allow him to completly fuck up the opponent's brain signals thus distorting the signals through electricity or lightning release chakra, A simple ability but getting the right area the right amount of power that was the tought part, Especially in the heat of battle so rain had been reading up on the structure the body the brain everything he could read up on he was doing it before he had decided today was the day he would put it into practice in a real battle like simulation,

    Taking his time he would travel to the hospital to request Kio an intern around the age of 17 come with him, Medical staff having pull over interns meant that Kyo would be unable to refuse, This would also help Kio in medical term's learning the effect's of this jutsu, So after pulling the young red head out of his studies the two medical shinobi followed the path that would lead them to the training field, "Now Kio today were just going to jump into the action, I don't want you letting me hit you," laughed Rain, "I'll try not to dissapoint" With words said and out the way the small spar would begin, Rain would allow Kio to go first who would utilize a katon release technique, This being a large fireball now soaring toward's the sannin who with a poweful jump would now soar into the air while biting his thumb and performing handseal's.

    His hand thrust forward in mid air creating a large amount of smoke covering most of the battle field, A small black shape shot from the smoke while kio was focused upon the giant slug that now shot into view, "UP HERE" shouted the sannin who was now crashing downward's, Kio would jump back tho it was'nt enough, By applying the chakra enhanced strength technique to the already crushing momentum from racing downward's the devastation was enough to create maximum damage to the land scape, The earth would erupt around Rain, Large rock's smashing into the medical shinobi, This was Rain's chance darting forward and connecting a hit to the back of the neck, As his hit connected he converted his chakra to electricity to disturb the messages from the brain to the body, As Kio crumpled to the ground Rain looked to Katsuya "Thank you Katsuya that was perfect timing" an with that the slug was dispersed, Looking to the medical shinobi who was now crumpled on the floor, "So whats the proper effect's" asked rain, but there was no answer, "Dam i guess ill need to get them from you when your better" Picking up the shinobi Rain sighed, "Thanks for the help man" Rain said smiling

    Words Required = 600

    Words = 610
    Moka Akashiya

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    Re: Jutsu training

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:21 pm


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