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    Training in the dark(Closed)

    Alzack Hyuuga

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    Training in the dark(Closed)

    Post by Alzack Hyuuga on Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:59 pm

    A quiet Sunday morning one would say. It was a boring and day for Alzack. He was awoken after 16 hours of sleep. Yes 16 hours it was his hobby to sleep. Well it became his hobby. Since he had no other stuff to do. He was sleeping in his yard for no reason at all. It seemed like a nice location to rest for once in a while. The bugs left him alone so he could sleep fine here. Alzack scratched his eye's and yawned loud in his lawn. Nobody seemed to notice that he was sleeping here. Like a hobo. Alzack stood up and put his jacket on. He went in his house and grabbed a piece of bread and headed off with the piece between his mouth. It was his breakfast... well lunch rather since it already was 1 PM. He still was sighing as he slowly was pacing around the village. He looked at his hand and made a fist of it whilst standing on the middle of the road. Maybe training? His Genjutsu skills were getting rusty and Alzack would've needed to polish them once in a while. After a few minutes he decided to train his genjutsu skills and get a few new jutsus. He had needed to find a place or rather a location to train these things first though. He could easily sense if there were other people in the area since he wanted to trained alone and in secret.

    As he wandered off in the great forests this village had he was looking for a private spot. He used his sensory skills to analyze the area. The last time that someone was here was a really long while ago. Alzack was also planning to train because he needed to feed his ego. His need to have might and power was slowly decreasing as the people around him got more powerful and mighty by the minute. Alzack was standing on the perfect location. In the midst of the forest. The animals were miles away from him and so was the population of the village. He put his backpack on the ground as he was analyzing the area with his eye's. Thinking of something that he could use for his genjutsu he laid on the ground. Thinking but nothing he could come up with. His left eye twitched as he came up with a good idea. An idea to experiment with the visual aspects of the opponent. As he was thinking it out he would imagine the rules upon his head to activate it, not more the rules but just the launching sequence of it.

    Upon the thinking of it he started to have the basic idea of it. Invert the aspect of the colors of the opponent with using the powers of genjutsu. Making their mind delusional. The activation would require a momentum of eye contact though. He first walked trough the forest looking for an animal to test it on. Of course he wouldn't harm the animals in this forest since he loves them. After 10 minutes of walking he saw a wild bear and started to observe it. It was a brown grizzly in it's late years. The perfect test opponent. Alzack jumped in front of this bear and looked it in the eye's. He could see the shining of the bears eye's pointing at him as it stared back. At a momentum later it would go out of control. Alzack inverted all colors the bear could see which would overload the brains of the bear since it was to much for it to handle because it wasn't used to all the other colors the bear hadn't seen before.

    That was that, the first genjutsu of the day was trained well. He then decided to move on and get a new genjutsu typed jutsu to create within his mind and actually train it. The second genjutsu he had in mind would be one that would surround an opponent. An illusionist typed one. One where it would hard to see whom is real and whom is not. Clone illusions perhaps. As he was thinking he heard the growling of a bear behind him. The papa bear. Alzack wasn't in trouble but rather was saddened that he involved the family of an bear in the matter of training. He then had the perfect genjutsu within his mind to perform now. He started to imitate the bear. The papa bear was walking around in circles around Alzack. This was a good idea for a genjutsu. One where would seem the user is fake and real at the same time. Alzack slowly started to circle this bear and made eye contact. Upon realizing it the bear saw 2 then 4 then 8 then 16 Alzack's slowly walking circles around him. The bear had an idea that the possibility of winning was null and ran off.

    The other genjutsu he had in mind was one he had figured after walking in circles around the bear earlier. Flattening the view of the opponent your facing. First make eye contact then flatten the image perspective of the opponent so the opponent would see 1D and it would be very hard for the opponent to see the distance between them and the object they are looking at. It was a good jutsu. Alzack has learned a few new jutsus today it fed his ego and his search for power.
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