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    Ten blades training


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    Ten blades training

    Post by Ryokubo on Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:01 am

    Sporting his straw hat upon his head hiding everything except his gaze that seemed to glow a bright yellow, but they dont actually glow..Infact the way you look at them make his gold eyes "glow" so infact it's a trick of an angled light bouncing off of them which was pretty cool if you'd think about it. But Ryokobu the traveling swordsman walked in the dense and heavy steam of the forest known as the Steam forest which was deep in the area close to the main part of the village hidden in the steam a normal area where Ryo could walk through and meditate or just to practice his "Arts" that he developed himself. Infact it felt like home being surround by thick steam, the heat was just something that didnt bother Ryo no matter the time of the day, even though he preferred the night sky cause it gave off chilled wind that cooled off the steam whenever the wind would blow pass the leaves on the branches. Ryo was only here to hone on his skills as swordsman, cause what people in the village don't realize is that in the middle of this forest, is a great way for a swordsman to get one with his blade. But theres only one thing that separates Ryo and other swordsmen and that is he seems to be carrying one blade...But he uses nine more with it..So infact Ryo uses ten blades all at once while being synchronized in away that it seems that its almost like a dance, piecing it all together the ten sword dance of the golden dragon would mean to be unstoppable. sharper than steel and cutting through the air making a noise almost of a faint wail would mean that the weight of the blades are extremely light, almost of the weight of aluminium alloy. Ryo carries all ten of his blades on his back that are held up by his grayish blue cloth that he wears around his waist, he finds this annoying cause it feels like he can't pull them all out all at once, its just two blades at a time other than the one that he keeps by his side, which he could he thinks about hoisting on his back like the rest of them. Walking through until he couldn't see the trees anymore Ryo knew right off that he was close to the middle of the area and thats where he wanted to be, as he walked and walked through the still warm steam seemed to get heavier as the cut down dead trees came into a clear view that shows that there was actually a battle here with blades...But no one was here, there wasnt any bones or bits of armor that would normally be leftover. The actual event that took place was that Ryo was here once before, the blood that seemed to be fresh was from ages ago when Ryokobu missed a step and had to catch himself by grabbing his blade, the mystery why the blood stayed preserved was the moistened surface from the steam, the dirt was probably covered with reserved items that havent decade right away, even the blood was solidifing so it looked like this gooey substance. Ryo couldn't talk much about the substance,except one thing."The human body has a revolting way to decay....I want to change that.." It seemed that he wasn't very happy with the way that the body decade so he marked this inside his notes in the big scroll of knowledge that he carried around that he went to whenever he wanted to change something, and it turned out that his ideals about changing how people's bodies that would deny normal laws, he has already figured it out.
    Reaching his destination and then recording his findings in the area it seemed that this final training session would mean that he actually learned out of it, in order to create the perfect race of humans but that is for another time..Now is the case of the ten stance....Golden dragon. Ryo stands firm on the ground and extends his arms out while controling his breathing it was like there was a perfect river flowing throughout his body, he closes his eyes and felt the soul drive blazing within himself, he could see it while his eyes were closed. Then like a cyclone Ryo pulls out the first two swords on his back then spins around placing them in area where his arms close, then by flipping rhythmically Ryo jerks out the next two blades and then the third. bye jumping up while the blades are in in the air Ryo grabs them and slashes at the tree cutting it in half, then by kicking it in the air Ryo spins while in the air to use the blads inbetween his arms to continue to cut at the bark. using only five swords at the time, Ryo sticks them into the ground pulls out the next three and the final two and then picking up the rest of his swords and putting them in between the area where his legs arch, and then with the final sword in his mouth Ryo was ready to take on the dance of the golden dragon stance. Spinning and flipping slashing the bark was reduced to chopped stacks of flat wood, doing another flip to regain his balance Ryo started to put his swords back into their proper places, ten deadly blades that he perfectly mastered. Sliding the final blade into the last sheath Ryo bent over and picked up his straw hat and brushed it off walking deeper into the vast and misty area known as the famous steam forest...Counting the echos that he could debunker with his knowlegde of the physical world, infact it was him talking to himself all that time that crawled back towards him while he was dancing with his swords, Ryo wanted to leave this quiet life behind and have a great time while doing it. Of course still honoring the ones who died and are remembered as great people even if they were bad people.

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    Trained my ten blades.

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    Re: Ten blades training

    Post by Mayu on Sun Nov 13, 2011 1:57 pm

    Approved.. I almost gave you AP XD


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