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    Van Takasugi


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    Van Takasugi

    Post by Van on Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:48 pm



    -General Information-

    Name: Van Takasugi

    Nickname: Okan Van

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19


    Van dresses in rather revealing clothes. No matter the weather, he usually wears sandals but can also be seen wearing fur brown boots. He wears long sleeve shirts that can be buttoned, and its quite rare that he has more than 3 buttons buttoned, so his chest is seen quite often. Pants are always long and blue. Sometimes Van will wear a jacket.

    Van's eyes have been described as lifeless and lacking in emotion and color. His right eye won't open for some reason, but his left eye is black and half closed. He doesn't usually smile, but he doesn't frown either. Its just a sigh of his laziness, as he doesn't have the energy to do either. Van has black hair that comes down just past his ears.

    Personality: Van can be described as Bohemian in both dress and personality. The fact that he even became Chunin would be surprising to a person just meeting Van. After a tragic event in his life, Van has almost completely given up hope that his life is going to change for the better. As a result, he has adopted a lazy, half-assed demeanor. Even the slightest task of writing his name annoys Van and takes him a while to build up the energy to do so. His favorite past time is sleeping and sees it as his only escape from his dull life. However, Van can completely change into an energetic fighter. Fights seem to be the only thing that can cheer him up, and he'll never give up a chance to get into one. Its during fights that Van smiles, laughs, and sounds like a normal human being.

    -Village Information-
    Village: Doragongakure

    Rank: A

    Elements: Raiton

    Specialties: [/color]

    Above average speed (For a Jounin)
    Can take a considerable amount of damage and still fight.
    Exceptional skills in deduction and induction.
    Right eye is almost always closed.
    Extremely lazy.
    Rather clumsy.
    Can't say no to those in need.
    Unusually vunerable to women. 

    .Clan Information.

    Bloodline: Takasugi: Raikuro- The Takasugi have mastery over black lightning techniques. Takasugi clans members have a seal somewhere on their body, that depending on their location affect what happens when its released. The seal can only be released under the command of a Hana clan member.

    Hana: Raishiro- The Hana have mastery over white lightning techniques. White lightning isn't as powerful as black lightning, but can be used for many more purposes, such as healing and protecting. Each Hana member's lightning techniques have a different specialty. Because of the varied specialties, the Hana have been treasured. From the moment of birth, a Takasugi is assigned to obey and protect a Hana. Only a Hana can release the seal on their certain Takasugi protector.

    Clan: Takasugi & Hana


    All E ranked jutsus are already learned.


    Jutsu Name: Bird Call Technique
    Rank: C
    Element: Raiton
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: Van releases a small current of electricty around the area around him with a diameter of 30 feet. When anything larger than a squirrel moves through it, Van hears the chirp of a bird in its direction, and can react to it. This field can only be detected by the Sharingan, Byakugan, and sensor shinobi.

    Jutsu Name: Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Intercepting Fist)
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Type: Taijutsu
    Description: The art of Jeet Kune Do is simply to simplify. Jeet Kune Do avoids the superficial, penetrates the complex, goes to the heart of the problem and pinpoints the key factors. Empty your cup that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.
    Jeet Kune Do is a lifestyle that when followed while fighting, is the ultimate fighting form. It is a formless form. Use any method at your disposal, but never become attached to one method. Be like water, forever flowing and formless, yet being able to take the form of anything.
    Basically, during a fight, a Jeet Kune Do user does not stick to the things he's been taught. He'll use anything to reach victory. No matter how big the opponemt, a Jeet Kune Do user can win, as he uses the opponents own force against them. (This is just a description of the art. It can be used in many different ways during a fight.)

    Jutsu Name: Electrico Currente
    Rank: B
    Element: Raiton
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: Van builds ups electricty im his body and releases a powerful stream of it. It can reach rather far, but can only head in one direction, and requires a moment to charge.

    Jutsu Name: Electrico Reversal
    Rank: B
    Element: Raiton
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: Van lifts his hand into the air, builds electricity into it, and slams his palm against the ground, sending a powerful shockwave in all directions. Can be easily avoided by jumping into the air. If their are storm clouds over head, Van can pull on lightning to strike his hand to create a stronger charge.

    Jutsu Name: Raikuro- Target the Bird
    Rank: A
    Element: Raiton
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: When Van opens his right eye, he can strike a target with an electrical current from the eye thats painless but acts as a targeting system for Van. Works within only a diameter of 40 feet.

    Jutsu Name: Raikuro- Charging Bull
    Rank: A
    Element: Raiton
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: Van charges his left fist with black electricity and punches the air, sending a bull made of black lightning from his fist. Very quick.

    Jutsu Name: Raikuro- Electrico Push
    Rank: A
    Element: Raiton
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: Black lightning shoots from Van's feet, making him much faster and his fists stronger.


    Van wasn't always a slave. He at one time was once free, like normal people. At 8:17 pm, a Hana rushed into the hospital with his pregnant Takasugi. She was in massive pain, and she screamed to him for help, but he could care less. He was caught up with more important matters, such as the question "Will my child be born into luxury, or slavery?" As he waited outside, he saw the man who he hated more than anything, rush his master in. The man was a Takasugi and the pregnant woman he was rushing in was a Hana, the woman Van's father loved, but was stolen from him by a Takasugi of all things. According to the lore of the two clans, every month only 1 of each clan are born, and are born on the same day. The two clans were like two sides of a magnet. Hanas were positive while Takasugis were negative. Therefore two Takasugis were never born on the same day and two Hanas were never born on the same day. Knowing this, Van's father became even more nervous. If his child gave a negative charge, than the child of his rival would give a positive charge. Merely thinking of the fact that the child of his enemy would be born into a perfect life made anger surge through him. After hours of apprehension, the doctor finally called him in. He named his crying son Van, and slowly pulled out a special magnet, pointing the positive end towards the newborn. In a single moment, his heart sank, and he fell to his knees. The magnet had flown out of his hand and stuck to Van. Van's father ran out in despair, and to his surprise, saw his rival sobbing crazily. When he found out why, a disgusting smile formed on his face. Their child was dead! Van was free! He rushed back in and took Van in his arms with joy. He wouldn't have to live his life as a barbaric servant. The doctors had to carefully pry Van from his father. He was hysterical. He hadn't even realized Van's mother had just died...
    His crazed happiness didn't last long however. After watching Van in his crib at the hospital, he began to hear some screaming. Not screams of fear or terror, but screams of joy. Curious, Van's father walked towards the source of it, and his eyes became bloodshot. His rival and the woman he loved held in their arms a baby girl, breathing and alive. They took a magnet and aimed the positive end at her, and it flew away from her in a flash. Van's father took a kunai out and rushed in, aiming to kill the baby. But the baby was not harmed. Van was now a slave and an orphan. He had been free for an hour.

    The rival of Van's father was named Shuri Takasugi, and he had never felt like a slave to the Hana. So much that he fell in love with one and married her, who gave birth to another Hana, who they named Haru. Maybe he felt guilty for killing Van's father or stealing the woman he loved, or simply because Van was now the servant of Haru, but Shuri took Van in and raised him. Van and Haru were playmates. He would be just like Shuri. Never feeling like a servant and never feeling resentment towards the Hana. Nevertheless, Van had a destiny to fufill, and Shuri raised him kindly, but always established the fact that Van existed to protect Haru. Van never truly understood what he meant. Haru was his best friend. Of course he would always protect her. When it came time, Van and Haru joined the Academy. They both practiced and studied together, and occasionally helped each other cheat. As a result, they were at the top of their class, both equal and not outdoing each other. Haru was occasionally picked on, but Van leaped in and awalys defended her, staying true to his role of protector. However, it didn't dawn on the two exactly who they were and the exact role they played until one day while they were training. A gang of rouge shinobi came and abducted Haru, wanting the power of the Hana for themselves. They punched Van in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. He fell to the ground trying to breathe and chase after them but his body wouldn't move. Haru called out to him, more worried if he was okay then she was worried for herself.  As she screamed, a large shock of pain came in Van's right eye. Black electricity began to surge out of it as Van began to feel as though he was being helped up. Then his legs began to move on their own and in a flash, he had caught up with the rouges. He kicked one in the face, sending him flying while continuing on to taking the rest of them out. It was a strange feeling to Van. It was almost as if he was a puppet and was being controlled by a godly force. Those strings were cut by Haru's voice however, as she screamed for him to stop. The power Van had vanished and all his energy left his body. His body became paralyzed but the black electricity continued to surge out of his right eye. Haru cried as she watched Van, unable to save him. Some kunai fell from the sky and landed in a circle around him, strange papers with markings attached to them. Haru's mother ran up and sent a current of white electricity through the kunai, which created a barrier that kept the black inside. "Haru! Listen to me! The onky way to save Van is to aknowledge your place as his master!" she said. Haru didn't understand. His master? They were best friends and thats how things were supposed to stay. She didn't want to become his master. But Van began to scream as the black electricity began to shock his own body. With tears strolling down her cheeks, Haru stood and shouted, "Van  Takasugi! I, Haru no Hana, command you to obey me!" The black electricity shrunk flowed back into Van's eye. Everything was calm. Van awoke two days later, but only his left eye opened. He struggled but could not open his right. Shuri soon walked in and explained that the Takasugi seal had been placed upon his right eye, and only Haru could release it. However, when released, although it does reveal great power, it will also greatly harm Van. From this day, nothing truly changed between Van and Haru...they were still best friends and eventually became Genin in the same squad but...Van couldn't remember Haru's name. He could only call her "Master".

    Van & Haru were placed in a cell along with another boy named Sasume Raiki and a jounin named Kiro Kurai. Kiro was a very calm and patient squad leader and had everyone's respect. Haru was a smart and fun-loving girl who got along with everyone. Van and Sasume were...rivals. Sasume had developed a crush on Haru long ago in the academy, and always hated Van since he was always hanging around with her. So he would often tease the two of them, making fun of Van's constant protective nature over her and calling her "Master" all the time. This would often lead to small fights between the two, but Kiro never interfered, believing they were good practice for real battles. Van soon realized how much fun he had during these brawls, and took up every chance he got to fight. Eventually, he would create a small night time fight club for Genin that actually got him a good amount of money. Haru always hated this however, and so when she asked Van to stop it all, the small pain hit his right eye and he shut it all down. This experience greatly prepared him for the Chunin exams however. During the exams, Van completely ignored saving Sasume from danger to make sure Haru was safe on 3 seperate occasions. They passed the exams, but Sasume's hate for Van reached its alltime peak.

    As a Chunin, Van began wondering what he could truly do with his life. His life meant only one thing, protecting his Master, but he always wondered what he could do besides that. Something that would make him feel complete. Then one day, a Takasugi snapped. He refused to be slave to the Hana any further. He had been finding a way to break the seal on him for a long time and finally did so, by cutting the body part out of himself and forcing it into the body of his master. His seal was located on his left eye, and was similar to Van's in terms of power. He had cut open his master and shoved the eyeball in her, creating a magnectic bond between their chakra, causing the chakra to fuse. This man, Shinsuke Takasugi, now possesed both bloodline limits of the two clans. The Hana asked the village of Doragongakure to leave this to them, and sent every Takasugi after Shinsuke. Van was off on a mission with Haru and Sasume when he received the order. A worried Haru ordered Van to stay. She didn't care about the clan, she just cared about her and Van. They were so closely connected, that if one of them were to die, they knew the other would die as well. But Van reassured her he'd be fine. He was going to protect her. Not because he needed to, but because he wanted to. Van departed and caught up with Shinsuke a couple hours later. He smiled as black and white electricity poured from his hands and left eye socket. Dead Takasugi clan members were littered everywhere. Van faced Shinsuke, but in the end, he was no match for the combined powers of the two clans. Van should have died at then, as Shinsuke thrusted his blade at Van's head. Yet he didn't. A white barricade of electricty stopped the blade. Haru was rushing towards Van. But in a flash, Shinsuke turned around and sent the blade flying into her heart. Van screamed in despair as he rushed over to her. Her voice quivered as she spoke to him. "Van...I got tired of you doing all the protecting. Now its finally my turn. Thank you...for always being there for me...I don't care what you do from here...your free now. But my last command" The seal on Van's eye was not released, but completely broken. He stepped away from her lifeless body, staring at the man with extreme rage. "Yes...Haru."

    Van defeated that man and was promoted to Jounin. He gave his childhood friend a proper burial, and went on to become a free shinobi. However, seeing her die in front of him had a major influence on him. He no longer had the energy he once had. His voice became dead and he slumps over as he walks. The expression on his face shows no sign of emotion. He wants nothing in the world to join her but...isn't allowed to.

    Role Play Sample:
    Crab. He would eat crab again today. What was he supposed to do? They were on sale so he stocked up on them. But they would definitley go bad if he didn't eat all 30 of them in time. Then that would be money wasted. It had been a week since he bought them and he was only 10 crabs in. To be honest, he didn't want to ever look at a crab again. They were so delicious the first day but to much of the same thing made Van sick. So he had tried cooking it differently but it still couldn't mask the crab taste. Maybe he would just pour it in a pot with a bunch of other ingrediants and let it soak in there. What would hide the taste? Vegetables like onions, carrots, jalepenos, cabbage, potatoes. That would be good. Then a lot of cajun and pepper. Some sugar to reduce saltiness. And then some chocolate to bring out the flavors. And if he was throwing sweets in there he might as well throw some ice cream in too! It would save time by combining dinner and dessert! Wait! That was a good idea! He would call it, "Meals to go!" and wrap them in little baggies and sell them to shinobi heading out on long missions. It would have 3 different flavors, "Crab n' Cream", "Steak Shortcakes", and "Chicken Churros". He would get a lot of money off of it. With that money he could...he could....he...."Zzzz". Van drifted away into a nice nap after thinking of this strange train of thought. He lay underneath a tree near his home. It was his 3rd nap that day. Which usually lasted 3 hours each. When he woke up, he'd eat crab and sleep for another 12 hours...laziness at its finest.

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    Re: Van Takasugi

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