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    Shadow Clone Jutsu

    Haruno Rain

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    Shadow Clone Jutsu

    Post by Haruno Rain on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:17 pm

    Trying To Train:

    Shadow Clone jutsu = 500 Words

    As the darkness was lit by the shining lamps, The sannin of Kowaii was finally finishing his shift, working all day,. Yawning as he lifted his belongings from his locker.Haruno Rain placed his feet on the dirty bench of his work. As he finally rose from the bench he looked into the mirror eyeing up the man in front of him. "Morning sexy" he said sluggishly before making his way to the staff showers, A quick shower and with his teeth brushed the sannin and medical corps captain headed out the door.. So today Rain had placed his glasses on his face combed his beautiful black hair and was now wearing his every day attire consisting of a black top and blue jean like material on his lower parts,

    He had not been working all night but had been so busy it felt like he should have been, He resorted to taking a large amount of caffine pills to keep the dangerous lulaby of sleep from taking him. No instead he felt fresh and was up for anything, Today for example he was trying to master the technique known as the shadow clone techniqu, Said to allow the user to split his or her chakra evenly beetween a clone that could also utilize techniques, This would prove handy in medical purposes, If he could learn this technique he could be in two places at once giving double the attention,

    So now he was making his way to the trainign field to seperate his entire chakra into another being, Easier for medic ninja's in his opinion, this technique like all clone techs require a decent amount of control otherwise you spend to much chakra making one useless clone, This was not really something that could be done in battle, If you waste to much chakra then its a matter of time before losing unless you have the chakra to spare, Which alot of shinobi did not, So standing at the training field and creating the handsign in the scroll he was learning from, He concentrated, Thinking of his chakra forming into another him. Almost like clock work he made his decision "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU" He yelled into the sky, As soon as he spoke the name a puff of white smoke erupted next to him, Waiting for the smoke to clear he smiled slightly as he noticed the male standing before him, "Damn you are one sexy ass clone" laughed Rain as the perfect shadow clone stood before him. Wondering how many he could summon in his basic mode the two Haruno Rain's performed the clone jutsu once more, At first it seemed to fail. Was he doing it right but the puff came slower than last time revealing two clones on either side of the real and previously summoned clone, at this point in time it seemed 5 was his limit in basic form, "Should i use it.....should i summon more with the yin seal" he said wondering no he would find that out another day
    Required = 500
    Words = 507
    Moka Akashiya

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    Re: Shadow Clone Jutsu

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:35 pm


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