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    Medical Lab - Supplies

    Haruno Rain

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    Medical Lab - Supplies

    Post by Haruno Rain on Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:46 am

    Whats Being Trained:

    Sleeping Gas Bomb's = 500 word's
    Injection Shot's = 100 word's

    Standing in the lab of the kowaii medical corp's, Chief Medical Shinobi and Sannin of Kowaii was currently under way making more supplie's that were essential for a medical shinobi in battle and in emergency surgery cases, This being powerful anesthetic's, Two form's of this stuff was in fact being created at this point in time, One being made in a gas like form ideal for battle, The other being made in a liquid form or an injection shot,

    Currently pouring multiple ingrediants of crushed up leaves and small tablet's and pouring them into a heat proof glass which was filled with a greeny yellow liquid which in two second's was bubbling with heat from the burnder undeaneath, Mixing this with a metal mixer he sighed turning the heat down slowly befor epushing his seat to the next table, This table was for the sleep gas bomb a more advanced bomb made to put foe's and allies to sleep, "Mokubi could you please keep an eye on the injection shot mixture, Make sure the water turns into a watery yet nice blue colour" Said Rain not looking up to the blonde hair'd medical shinobi who would be helping him with the procedure, It was'nt like he needed the help but it was nice havin someone there allowing him to truly focus on one thing to make sure it was as powerful as he could,"Ofcourse Mr Haruno" "Alway's punctual Mokubi, I told you just call me Rain, These titles will be the death of me" he said with a chuckle as he placed one testube in an open flame foricng the thing within to bubble before releasing a gas like material, Rapidly his hand's would move placing multiple test tubes over the flame each doing the same as before, Untill all the test tubes were filled with the formation, Placing them all in a holder he sighed, "Masks Mokubi" Picking a mask up to cover his nose as to not inhale the gas he turned to see Mokubi to the same, "Ready" he would say with a smile. "Ofcourse Mr...Rain" "There you go" Rain said as his hands shot forward picking the test tubes up and jogging to the containment unit, This being a glass box with gloves another precaution for highly contagious gases and liquids or dangerously inhaled liquids, This was a medic's job being safe tryin to keep themselves alive. Placing the tubes into the box along with a container with 6 small hubs and caps he closed the box and placed his hands into the glove's.

    Now his hand would open the first hub and place the cap on the side before opening one of the now semi cloudy test tube, The top screwed into the hub and now the gas flowed into the container, This process was repeated with each tube untill the container was full each hub and cap screwed on, A quick shake and the material was ready to be transfered into the gas ball's, Tho Rain himself would not do this, "Mokubi tranfer the gas ill finish the injection shot's" Rain said softly as he moved back the now almost blue liquid, a quick shot of crushed up powder and a tab of colorless crystal's and the liquid was now perfect in color, Ofcourse this would mean he had to now transfer the liquid, This was simple as it was not highly dangerous getting this on your skin had no danger, This was only if it pierced the skin or enter'd the blood stream, removing the flame and putting on some gloves as to not burn himself the medical shinobi gave Mokubi a quick glance as she began filling the gas bomb's, Taking each medical shot he began pouring in the liquid to each syringe like item, Caping the item's and then placing them in medical cabinet's throughout the hospital the balls and injection were tested ofcourse, Thats what interns are for, Ofcourse Rain had taken a few for his field studies

    Required Word's = 600

    Words = 669
    Moka Akashiya

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    Re: Medical Lab - Supplies

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:21 pm


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