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    Chuunin Exams

    Kirin L. Inuzuka
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    Chuunin Exams

    Post by Kirin L. Inuzuka on Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:21 pm

    The Chuunin Exams is more than just a ranking opportunity. Its a chance to show your fellow peers who's boss. For the Chuunin Exams, it's pretty simple, except a little twist has been added. Every year, the Exams will be held in a different area, determined by moderators and admins. At least once in a village's lifetime will the Chuunin Exams be hosted in they're village.

    Once decided on where the exams will be held, when the time is right, all participants will travel to the designated area along with a Jounin or higher. If there is no Jounin that will be able to accompany you, there may be Travelers or others of that nature that will come out to attack you. The less protection you have, the more chance you have of being ambushed, causing you to be late -- or dead. If the Chuunin Exams are being held in your village, don't sweat it.

    Chuunin Exams will be held once every month, if there is enough Genin to make it possible, if not, then your Kage will put you through a test of their choice, personally.

    Stage 1: The Written Exam

    The Genin would fill the seats in the selected village's Academy Classroom, as a voluntary Chuunin proctor will hand them the tests, and make sure that they're not cheating. A topic will be made, where every contestant signs in with a single post. A list of questions will be handed to you, 15 questions to be exact. You are required to get 10 out of 15 questions correct to pass. If any moderator or admin finds you cheating, you will be automatically failed.

    Stage 2: Weapon Retrieval

    Your probably confused about the name of the next stage. That's because, this test will be held at a national monument of that respective country. Example, Konohagakure had The Forest of Death, Iwagakure might have something like, The Rock of Destiny. Who knows. Below is a list of where each Next Generation Village would hold Stage 2 of the Chuunin Exams.

    Kowaiigakure - The Haunted Swamp (A swamp that has deadly gases and is also considered Haunted by past years)

    Chikagakure - The Underground Tunnel (The legendary tunnel that is below the it's own village, almost pitch black)

    Suishougakure - The Mountain Ranges (A series of Mountains made out of mirrored crystals, with few known paths)

    Doragongakure - The Dragon Take-Off (A base of land where fierce dragons reside, and also serves as a travel port)

    Sukaigakure - The Sonic Airship (The gigantic abandoned blimp that stays afloat because the wires have yet to be disconnected from the village)

    No matter what village it's held at, or where, this part will always be the same for each area. You enter the Chuunin Exams solo, or with your Genin team. There are 2 types of Weapons that are hidden throughout the designated area on where the Chuunin Exams are held. The first type, is a Katon Kunai. The second type, is the Suiton Kunai. Your goal is to get back to the classroom with both of the elemental kunais. The areas will be borderlined, which means once you go in, and then out, there's no going in for a second time. That means you could leave in the very beginning and wait outside of the Academy and ambush a team and take a kunai, but that means that's your only chance, and if you fail, then you fail.

    Stage 3: The Tournament

    Classic 1 on 1 fights with eachother until it is slimmed down to a final two contestants. Environmental changes will affect the battlefield throughout all of the fights. The final battle will be the most intense, and most difficult, environmental wise. The winner will be deemed that month's Champion, with an automatic promotion. The loser(s) will be sent to the loser rounds, fighting each other out. Last one standing gets an automatic promotion. Other losers will be determined by RP skill to see if they advance in rank. 50/50 chance. Just like Stage 2, each village has they're own arena.

    Kowaiigakure - The Hallow Stadium (A dark stadium that has the toughest metal in the world guarding around top of the Stadium)

    Chikagakure - Rock Bottom Arena (A basic arena, completely made out of Stone)

    Suishougakure - Crystal Clear Battlefield (A stadium that is made out of the roughest crystal found in Suishougakure)

    Doragongakure - Dragon's Nest (An arena that is made out of dragon hide)

    Sukaigakure - Taka's Playingfield (A seperate stadium, seperated from the village, floating on its own, that has no walls, making it easier to fall off)

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