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    Kino Uchiha


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    Kino Uchiha

    Post by Kino on Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:32 pm


    -General Information-

    Name: first:Kino, Middle: Iziki ,Last: Uchiha

    Nickname: Kino, or Kin

    Gender: Male

    Age: 11

    Appearance/Clothing. Kino wears almost all the time a black tranch coat. He has black hair and blue eyes when the sharingan is not active. He wairs black jeans and a white T shirt with an orange and hoody over it when his trench coat isn't on. He wairs a pair of black and orange shoes. Kino is white and the size of 5'9 feet. He weighs about 156 pounds. He sometimes wears a pair of orange tinted shades.

    Personality: Kino acts as if he owned everything. He doesn't talk much but likes to talk to people he had met. He usually waits for someone to introduce themself to him instead of Kino going to introduce himself. He likes almost everyone he meets. He always likes to help though. He also feels some people can be very annoying when they talk for hours. He thinks he can take on anyone who challenges him.

    -Village Information-
    Village: Kowaiigakure {The village of your choice.}

    Rank: C, genin

    Elements: wind, Fire

    Specialties: ninjutsu

    Extras: Above average strength
    Flaws: fear of small spaces or being too crowded (a lot of ppl next to him)

    jutsu -

    Jutsu Name: Sharingan
    Rank: C
    Element: none
    Type: kkg
    The first of the Sharingan's powers is being able to see the flow of
    chakra. The Sharingan can tell if a person is under a genjutsu because
    the person's chakra flow would be irregular.
    .Clan Information.
    History: Kino grew up in the village Kowaiigakure. He was born April ninth. His mother had some problems with her health. A month after Kino was born his mother had died of a heart attack. Kino was raised by his father. At the age of four Kino's father began to train Kino on how to be a ninja. The training would continue for about two years before Kino would enter the ninja academy. Kino's father continued to train Kino even when he was in the academy he wanted Kino to become a great ninja. Kino had learned the fire ball jutsu before he was even in the academy. Kino's sharningan had yet to activate. Kino had learned all three of the academy jutsu during his stay at the academy. Kino had graduated after three years within the academy. Kino was sent on his frst mission two days after graduation. His first mission was to pick a patch of potatoes. He had done this easy. After a month of doing almost nothing except for missions Kino was sent on another missioon due to the lack of upper class ninja it was a higher ranked mission then he had been sent on so far. Kino had his father's help on the mission so it was not like he had been on alone on a B ranked mission. He had succeeded on his mission yet his home village had never learned. Kino was filed as a missing ninja and his father had died on the mission. Kino had returned to his home village and cleared things up with his kage. He had spent his time back training some genjutsu. He had trained Demonic Illusion shackling stakes. He took the Chuunin exams. He had seemed to be passing the first exam until he learned the next part involved a life or death situation. He had dropped out of the test sure he would fail the second exam. He spent the rest of the time exercising in his strength. He continued to lift things twice his size and heavier then he normally lifted. He wanted to make sure he would succeed in the chuunin exams next time.

    Role Play Sample: < my roll play sample
    Make a role play sample or use a post from another site, but, provide a link.

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    Re: Kino Uchiha

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    Re: Kino Uchiha

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    Re: Kino Uchiha

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    Re: Kino Uchiha

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