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    Mission in the Hyozan

    Alzack Hyuuga
    Alzack Hyuuga

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    Mission in the Hyozan

    Post by Alzack Hyuuga on Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:31 am

    Alzack was on a mission today. The description of the mission was firm and clear. The details were explained good and he had an basic idea what to do in this country. Alzack first needed to travel to this village. But first he had to bring some warm clothing. Because Hyozangakure is rumored to be a very cold village. He wore clothing multiple times. Alzack also was wearing very warm gloves. He was ready to leave the village now. He walked to the gate gaurdians and showed them his village. The gate guardians opened the gates. Alzack slowly paced away from the village. He looked on his map whom he had for a long time and walked towards the direction of Hyozangakure. He had a compass along to navigate himself easily. Hyozangakure wasn't very far away from Sukaigakure. It was South-East from the village. He didn't have to travel trough other crossing countries which made it a tad easier. He had been travelling for a couple of hours now. The icy surroundings where getting more visible as he was getting closer to the village he was needed in. After several hours he had arrived. Greeting the village guardians he showed the description off the mission. They allowed Alzack to come in the village and opened the village gates.

    Alzack was now to head to the kage of this village to gain the permission to scout the outskirts of this village. The way to the village was pretty hard since it was very tall. Alzack had arrived at the top off this village after half an hour walking from the village gates. The village was colder then Alzack had thought and he was pretty cold himself. He had arrived at the Kage's office. The office was made out of plain ice. He knocked on the door and slowly opened it as he entered it. He was wearing his Anbu mask as he introduced himself. "Hyuuga, Alzack reporting in from Sukaigakure." Would been said with a dull voice.


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    Re: Mission in the Hyozan

    Post by Mayu on Tue Nov 22, 2011 11:23 am

    The woman known as the Hyozankage was sitting at her desk, awaiting the arrival of the young ANBU from the Sky Village. The woman herself was quite young, only at the age 36. She had short brown-red hair that went to her mid neck and hazel eyes that sometimes flashed green when she was upset. The Kage was wearing a normal outfit of a Chinese style dress and her warm version of Kage robes. Her Kage hat sat on her desk as she signs several papers.

    Suddenly, the ANBU she had been expecting, came through the door. The Hyozankage looked at the boy. "Ah, hello. Thank you for coming. I assume you know your mission well?"


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