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    Kowaii Power Orginisation

    Haruno Rain
    Haruno Rain

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    Kowaii Power Orginisation

    Post by Haruno Rain on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:23 am

    -Kowaii Secret Sqaud-

    Founder: Haruno Rain
    Located: Kowaii
    Purpose: This orgianization exists solely to keep the peace within the shinobi world of Kowaii, The founder being in charge of the medical core having great intelligence of the shinobi in the village is capable of picking out core members to grant the power of the gelel stones. Stones found by the village. These stones grant a vast amount of power but there is a restriction. This restriction is a seal placed upon the member that can be activated by the leader to keep members under "control"
    Symbol: {Organization Sign and/or clothing attire}


    Stone Of Thunder - While under the influence of his Stone of Gelel,The
    wieldr has regenerative powers almost as great as Naruto's, and also
    showed surprisingly high levels of strength, easily being able to break
    free from most bindings. The pinnacle of this Gelel power is to unleash a
    tremendous stream of energy from a sword that can cause large-scale
    damage, and equals the raw power of Naruto's Rasengan.
    Transformation = N/A

    Of The Moon = The wielder can change there form to that of a
    werewolf-like monster. In this form,The wielder can unleash loud howls
    which could destroy the surrounding area and defeat there foes they also
    gain an impressive speed boost. The form has two stages, the first
    stage allows the wielder to become a black werewolf with white hair and
    red eyes, while retaining there clothing. The second stage is a hybrid
    state, were the user gains needle-like fangs and the out fit outfit
    becomes more feral.

    Stone Of Illusion: The wielder could
    transform into a bat-like humanoid, either a complete form with black
    skin, white hair and red eyes, or a hybrid form with a feral appearance.
    In the human form, the user displays the ability to create something
    akin to a genjutsu In bat form, the user could exude a thick cloud from
    there mouth, the effect of which seemed to purely be a smokescreen, as
    there seemed to be no lasting effects. Also, whilst in bat form, the
    wielder was extremely agile in the air. (A.K.A can fly and is fast in
    the air)

    Stone Of Disgust: the user has shown the ability to turn
    into a grotesque and deformed monster. the ability to manipulate
    lightning through the Stone of Gelel also greatly increases, being able
    to make a barrier of electricity in order to block attacks coming at
    them with ease. There strength also increases upon transformation, being
    able to send one of Gaara's clones clashing onto a pipe, and the
    fighting style changes from electrical energy control to close-quarter
    combat. The user also gains vast control over gelel energy

    Stone Of Desire:
    Due to The user powers granted by The user stone of Gelel
    embedded inside him, The user user was a very formidable opponent. The
    usern The user transformed into his greyish humanoid form, his abilities
    became vastly enhanced. The user was able to take on several of
    Naruto's clones with ease. The user form granted The user user great
    strength, allowing him to easily crush tThe user stone of Gelel, beat
    Naruto in hand to hand combat and sending him flying into a wall in one
    punch. It also gave him amazing speed, able to move from one spot to
    anotThe userr in a flash, similar to The user Body Flicker Technique.
    user user had four dark red orbs floating over his back. From The user
    orbs came four black strips made of a strange material. The user black
    strips could be used as tentacles to allow him to fly or levitate. The
    user black strips could also be turned into a strange liquid like
    material and morpThe userd into any shape The user user pleased. The
    usery could even turn into stone pillars to defend him from attacks. His
    main abilities came from his Gelel stone. With it The user could blow
    up objects without touching The userm and activate a laser of Gelel
    energy that could pierce anything, which can be increased to become a
    more powerful energy blast. With The user enhancements of The user Gelel
    Vein, The user user's regenerative powers, which were already powerful
    enough with The users stone in his body, raised to The point of The user
    healing his twisted limbs, even his neck
    (the user MUST have this
    stone somewere that it can be seen due to its large abilities also if
    the stone is removed then so is the power's)
    .Nate River
    .Nate River

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    Re: Kowaii Power Orginisation

    Post by .Nate River on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:25 pm


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