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    Are You Up Too The Challenge!

    Moka Akashiya
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    Are You Up Too The Challenge!

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:39 pm

    With the changes to the shinobi world, What shall come of this new Era

    darkness over turn's the old land, What would one do, Konohagakure,
    Kumogakure, Iwagakure, Sunagakure and Iwagakure. All stand together as
    one. The force of the Juubi was outstanding demolishing the land,
    Changing everything as it whent on. Darkness turned to light. As the
    final shinobi stood using all there strenght to fight this demonic
    creature there final stand was enough, Sending a unique signature and
    fuinjutsu into the beast, This was not the juubi's final move, No his
    final move sent a wave of demonic chakra across the land crushing
    everything in its path. Only a few thousand people survived. The juubi
    was not gone, Nothing that evil could be vanquished forever. Instead it
    once more seperated tho this time it was not the original tailed beast's
    who rained supreme for many year's no, Due to the vast amount of waist
    chakra absorbed by there spiritual selves upon splitting there
    signature's and form's changed. Each power and strength warped into
    something new what was unkown.

    With the entire land demolished,
    200 year's past and the earth once more stood with man and shinobi, The
    villages were reborn tho under new name's. 5 new villages now covered
    the old while the minor watched. This tho is not the tail of the major
    villages, It is the minor, Kowaiigakure, Chikagakure, Suishougakure,
    Doragongakure and Sukaigakure, This tail followed these minor villages
    rise up against the major and take there place.

    Each village
    soon earned respect for there shinobi and power, Taking what was
    there's. This being only a few month's ago. The shinobi's name's famous
    for leading each village, Mr.Jack, Nate River, Mayu Hayami, Moka
    Akashiya and Kirin Inuzuka. Each name made from the destruction of a
    village, Tho ofcourse this was not on there own there shinobi helped,
    The force of the ex minor villages was felt through out the land's.

    consequences this would have, The shinobi who escaped the take over of
    the now minor village's had plotted revenge they were desperate to show
    they were not weak, Hunting power that was thought to have been extinct
    these shinobi had gathered on a quest but for what. 9 shinobi ventured
    only 8 returned after year's of searching. Renegade ninja who had found
    some power of the bijuu, This method was unkown but it had happened. Now
    they would take revenge on the villages that cast them out. They had
    there plan's but who would be the wiser.

    How will this turn out, Will the renegade's triumph or will the major village's show there true power once more

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