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    The Start Of Anew(Open)

    Moka Akashiya
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    The Start Of Anew(Open)

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:08 pm

    The sky was coming through as it seem the moon and the sun was coming in as one as the sky would begun to turn black. This was a day hat many wouldn’t forget just like this one it was the day where the world was destroyed. Those days have been in many of the children stories for a short scare. Even if there mind would think of it as a fairy tale he truth of the matter was it was all real. That day did happen once the great Juubi was released from its slumber. It was the day where the people would turn in there graves at he power of he Juubi. This was where the war would take a big turn and those of allhe world would die off leaving the world as it was. The Five great nations destroyed cause of the Juubi demonic chakra. There were still people alive from that two hundred year ago Armageddon. It was really the end of the world for those nations and there people. It was even said that he world was reshaped as we know it due to the Juubi overpowering Chakra. But what was in store for this new world or rather what awaits it now…

    The sky was dark as the sky seemed closer to the ground in this known area as there was the sound of the wind pushing forward. The sky was field with flying creature unknown to those who couldn’t see in the dark as they were dragons. This was the land of dragoons Doragongakure. This was two hundred years ago Kirigakure he mist village but now it was replaced or rather reshaped as it was now the premature nesting ground of the dragons. They were monsters told to be Extinct long time ago but here they were flying around freely. Could this be the work of the Juubi appearance all those years ago or could it just be the age in time. The day well rather night was a bit cold as the wind blows as here was a bit of a more pleasant breeze that pass by not even five minutes ago. There was a dragon in the middle of the flock which size was bigger hen the other dragons. On top of its head stood a shadow which gave off a not to pleasant aura. This was the mother of all dragons the ruler of this land Moka Akashiya.

    Standing on the head of the dragon was the silver haired beauty as her red eyes Shines in the darkness. Her black cape wrapped around her body as she was literally blending in with the pure darkness. Her lips were pink as they could be maybe cause she wore lip gloss. But unlike normal people of this day and age her skin was pale just like a cold corpse laying in the freeze for too long. As she would yawn as she open her mouth the fangs sharper then a tip of a blade was in clear view. But why this one have fangs she wasn’t a normal human her blood boiled with acid like properties. She was the walking dead she was a Kyuuketsuki, in other words she was a Vampire. She have been alive for awhile now and now she resides over one of the great nations not really shocking is it.” Moka the village is up ahead shall we land now” Spoke the dragon she rod Then she. Moka eyes would look at her village from where she stood. Then she would smirk as she would leap from the dragon heading right into the village diving head first.

    Blasting pass the clouds as she would have both of her hands bald up in fist her eyes facing towards the ground as it got closer and closer. Her expression was amusement as a smile was making its way on her face. She wasn’t scared of dying maybe cause it was hard for her too at least. As the ground was coming closer she would move her body with the wind as she would roll her body or rather flip her body as she would land right in the center of the village. As she would land the ground below her cracks as she would stand up from her kneeled position and stretches. She would then make her way to her office waving to the children of her village and other villagers. As she would reach her office going up he stairs ino her office she would smile to look at her temporary assistant a chunin of the village Aki Yamagi.”Lady Moka I prepared your red “wine” and new information of the other nations have been delivered” Said Aki as she would bow. Moka would take her seat as she would hang her cloak behind her chair.”So any other news I am suppose to get visited by any other kages of those weak nations…I mean I am a busy woman”Complained Moka…

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