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    The New Chakra Enhanced Strength

    Haruno Rain
    Haruno Rain

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    The New Chakra Enhanced Strength

    Post by Haruno Rain on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:16 pm

    Trying To Train:

    Lightning Release: Enhanced Strength = 600 Words

    As the darkness...lessened, The sannin of Kowaii was finally finishing his shift, working all day,. Yawning as he lifted his belongings from his locker.Haruno Rain placed his feet on the dirty bench of his work. As he finally rose from the bench he looked into the mirror eyeing up the man in front of him. "Morning sexy" he said sluggishly before making his way to the staff showers, A quick shower and with his teeth brushed the sannin and medical corps captain headed out the door.. So today Rain had placed his glasses on his face combed his beautiful black hair and was now wearing his every day attire consisting of a black top and blue jean like material on his lower parts,

    He had been working all night but due to the high ammount of caffiene pill's he had taken had not allowed him to feel the sleep that should have struck him hour's ago. No instead he felt fresh and was up for anything for example, Finally finishing upgrading his strength technique, For some time now haruno rain had been trying to apply nature transformation to the chakra enhanced strength technique he so openly loved to use, He was struggling to find a right balance to allow maximum strength while pushin enough raiton chakra out to do some damage, This would hopefuly paralyse the body if the sheer force of chakra enhanced strength was unable to remove an opponent from the battle field,

    Deciding the best way to train was by himself as not wanting to remove a person from this life via only training Haruno Rain made his way from the hospital to the training field with a happy little bounce in his step, Today felt good, His little bounce announced his happyness to the dead village, While all slumbered Haruno would practice his skills so that they could continue to sleep in piece, As he walked to the field he began to think of the best way to add the transformation, Thinking of the original way of performing chakra enhanced strength the best possible way would be to convert and release the chakra in one go, That would provide maximum oomph and lightning,

    So this was his resolve to create a shocking result, When strength meet's lightning, Arriving at the battle field Rain would first warm up, Utilizing the strenght of chakra enhanced strength, His finger slipped into the ground causing a rupture, This was strength, With a body flicker his hand slammed into a tree with little force yet it was still enough to destroy the thing, Now to the stream, This was how he was going to check his lightning release: Chakra enhanced strength,
    This was the perfect check allowing him to also get used to the shocking release, So by allowing himself to stand in the water he closed his eye's channeling his thought's.

    Was he ready for this, Would this technique be out of his grasp, Sighing and shaking his head the shinobi thust his hand downward's watching his had erupt in lightnign around the water, But....nope nothing he felt a tinge around his leg's but thank's to this being his own chakra it did not shock him, He had failed to make a dent in the earth under the water and had only managed to release lightning into the river, With a small sigh of frustration the shinobi gathered chakra, then struck this time he felt the earth shift with the force he had placed into it, Lightnign blasted into and around the water which began to flow into the large creator now within the earth below. He had done it, Again and again he punched he had got the measurements correct and with this training he would learn to master it

    Words Required = 600
    Actual Words = 634
    Moka Akashiya
    Moka Akashiya

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    Re: The New Chakra Enhanced Strength

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:36 pm


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