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    Combination technique Katsuya and Haruno Rain

    Haruno Rain

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    Combination technique Katsuya and Haruno Rain

    Post by Haruno Rain on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:25 am

    Whats being trained:

    Healing Chakra Transmission = 600 word's

    As the darkness...lessened, The sannin of Kowaii was finally waking up to start the day off. Yawning as he lifted himself from his deep slumber Haruno Rain placed his feet on the dirty floor of his house sighing, For a medic nin his own house was incredibly filthy. Packet's of crisp's and disgustin looking choclate things everywere. Definatly a maid job he thought to himself. As he finally rose from his bed he looked into the mirror eyeing up the man in front of him. "Morning sexy" he said sluggishly before making his way to the bathroom, A quick shower and with his teeth brushed the sannin and medical corps captain headed out the door. Today he was holding a meeting that would require almost the entire village, This meaning that the entire village was going to help him.

    He had called a favour in from the kage asking everyone if it would possible for them to have 2pm in the afternoon off, This was met with a yes thus now Rain at 1 had an important job to do, Forming the handseal's that were required and biting his mouth he slammed his hand's to the ground and like every summoning the large puff of white smoke erupted into the area before clearing revealing the large white and blue slug known as Katsuya, "Hey Katsuya are you ready to see if this work's" "Yes Rain, I know it should work having used techniques like this for my lady" "Then you know what to do" Said rain smiling as he took center stage using his skill's to manouvre his body up the kage tower, When at the top he would sit before nodding to katsuya,

    The large slug would release a soft sigh before a small squelch sound erupted into the sky as her body erupted into hundred possibly thousand's of smaller slugs raining over the village, Now if this technique was to work Rain would be able to sync his chakra with katsuya if this was possible he would be able to pass his healing powers to katsuya allowing her to use the chakra to heal wounds, This would grant Rain the ability to heal multiple shinobi in a battle field,As the slugs fell into the village Rain raised his hand and caught one pulling it to the roof with him smiling, "So this technique its powerful, It will take a lot out of me right"? "Yes the more you heal the more chakra is required but you have my lady's strenght this technique is suited for your skills" Nodding Rain smiled softly as he looked to the giant clock in it was soon two oclock. As the clock was moving the time was soon upon them "How many of you have latched on to a person" "Almost all we have three mo....All have been picked up" "Its time" Said rain as he crossed his leg's.

    This technique, It required concentration, His chakra traveled into Katsuya upon his shoulder who would pass it on to the many her's now littered across the village, This remained like that for some time, Pushing chakra into her body and dispersing it throughout each katsuya, Time passed and he had almost depleted his chakra, "I..m done" with that he was finished his hands held up "Yin seal Release" As his chakra flowed through him he powered up thanks to the seal, "Katsuya how was that" "That was excellent you passed chakra to every one of my clones"

    Smiling the young shinobi picked up the slug and dove from the bulding landing on the ground perfectly, "Ready to disperse katsuya" the slug gave a sluggish nod before bursting into a cloud of smoke,

    Required Words = 600

    Actual words = 621
    Moka Akashiya

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    Re: Combination technique Katsuya and Haruno Rain

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Tue Nov 15, 2011 12:19 pm


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