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    Read My Heart!! KATSUYA!!

    Haruno Rain
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    Read My Heart!! KATSUYA!!

    Post by Haruno Rain on Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:53 pm

    As the darkness...lessened, The sannin of Kowaii was finally waking up to start the day off. Yawning as he lifted himself from his deep slumber Haruno Rain placed his feet on the dirty floor of his house sighing, For a medic nin his own house was incredibly filthy. Packet's of crisp's and disgustin looking choclate things everywere. Definatly a maid job he thought to himself. As he finally rose from his bed he looked into the mirror eyeing up the man in front of him. "Morning sexy" he said sluggishly before making his way to the bathroom, A quick shower and with his teeth brushed the sannin and medical corps captain headed out the door. Today he was investigating a disturbance deep within the forest of death, There had been reports of a disturbance attacking traveller's on there way, Apparently there were wounded shinobi within the forest and Rain was needed to fish them out. a dangerous task if one did not know the forest of death. So today Rain had placed his glasses on his face combed his beautiful black hair and was now wearing his every day attire consisting of a black top and blue jean like material on his lower parts,

    "MUMMY MUMMY LOOK ITS HIM, When i grow up i wanna be a strong medic just like Haruno Rain" Always such a confidence boost thought Rain as he darted through the village smirking, The forest of death was eery looking but having completed the task there in his genin year's he knew exactly were he was looking, The sighting of the unknown creature was located near the christmas tree painting within the tree's of season's. This was a place that was gaurded by creature's of devilish preportions. What was someone a lone shinobi running into the forest for, Surely he would not be able to handle what other's had failed, This was simple, This was no ordinary ninja no this ninja had such a unique nindo that it would not let him fall not yet not now. There was no possible way for him to fail. so now this young man no older than 25 was running into the unkown unsure on what he was about to face. By applying chakra to his feet and releasing it before his jump he was blasted forward at an accelerated rate launching himself from tree to tree in true ninja fashion until..

    Shh k..keep it might come backStopping Haruno Rain looked around "Hello Is anyone there" "Over hear" Following the voice Rain made his way over to a large but enclosed area perfect for hiding..It was large and full of injured shinobi, How could this happen was this one thing or many, What beast had managed to burn melt the stomachs of the dead bodies lying in a pile or caus so much bone damage to an opponent, Well no matter Rain Haruno medic ninja was on the job, He waisted no time his hands darted into the green mist of the healing palm jutsu barking orders to the nearest shinobi to open the box he would have previously placed on the ground and barked at them to pass round the pill's that would help with the pain while he worked on two patents, His hands were like blur's and the healing was outstanding, After healing around 27 people the young shinobi was almost out of juice but everyone who could be saved was.

    After speaking for several minutes the shinobi were asked about the beast, Before they could speak tho Rain was about to get a first hand experience. The ground shook before a voice not deadly but elegant went HAH and then the other shinobi ran oh they ran like they had never ran before, Not Rain no he bounded up the tree's as soon as he caught site of the acidic formation flowing his way, just managing to avoid it he shook softly before collapsing, A truly fantastic ninja but he had exhausted his chakra healing the fleeing shinobi. Then the beast came into view a ginormous slug not scary but surely it was violent, how was Rain going to stop this, The shinobi fled and the slug picked up on this, It looked at Rain and...Spoke, "Your comrade's abandonded you how pathetic it shows that the ninja world has changed through out all these year's, When i and my friend were together shinobi stood as one you are a pathetic excuse for sh,,," "Shut up" smirked Rain, "im bored of hearing this already, I depleted my chakra saving those shinobi so don't you dare say that we do not care" Rain growled his hands forming rapid handseals "YIN SEAL:RELEASE" The mark upon Rain's head expanded moving forming a rare and strange shape, As Chakra flowed into his body Haruno Rain felt re-energized. "that...Lady Tsun" She would'nt finish Rain had jumped and his fist was now in her face with the added momentum and help of chakra enhanced strength it was enough to blast the slug through the air and across the ground before she erupted into hundred's of other slug's and they charged. Moving his body his hands began to glow blue as his body manouvred with each slug slamming the palm into them the chakra scalpel utilized perfectly each slug dropped before forming into the giant one once again. Smirking Haruno Rain took his stance once more but the slug seemed misty eye'd she was'nt moving. [color:97dc="red"]" remind me of her, My lady your fighting style but im afraid you need a nindo"
    "I need a nindo, I dont care who i remind you off but i have a nindo, My Nindo my shinobi way is the reason that i became the person who i am today" His hands clenched he laughed

    "I don't care if im the weakest person on the planet, Aslong as i have the strenght to protect my comrade's my home then i can live happy"

    Charging once more he was stopped by the tear's of the slug, Crying such a beast why should she be crying, " are her, The incarnation of my lady, Please accept me take me with you and utilize me. Please take me as a comrade and a friend" Said the slug as she spat out a semi large scroll, "Take this and sign it with your blood i will be your ally if you accept it, My purpose is to help the medical ninja and you have shown your true self, Biting his finger Rain signed his name on the contract and with that the slug vanished in a puff of smoke with only one last thing to say "I am katsuya "Hello Katsuya, I am Haruno Rain"

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    Re: Read My Heart!! KATSUYA!!

    Post by Ryokubo on Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:55 pm


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