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    Post by Moka Akashiya on Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:35 pm



    ❥Leader-Moka Akashiya


    Kuroikiba meaning "Black fang" surrounds the practices and ideals around the art of Vampirism,
    which includes the body functions that exceeds the normal human body. Many things that include
    increased strength,speed,sight,hearing practically all the senses are now advanced to the point
    of a normal human's body breaking. Kuroikiba is an art that elders of the practice created to
    somehow make it act like a catalyst for a better way to control their abilities for a longer
    period of time. The body of the clan members rejects also anything harmful too it no matter what it is...

    The Ability of the clan is like a different way of the way of the vampire the first way of the Clan is there enhanced Senses unlike normal humans. The Clan members of this clan was the first in many ages due to there unique ability. The Clan body is functioned with so much iron to increase there blood function. This allow for the clan members to have heighten senses which the members use to either hear,Smell etc from miles away the more the skillfull the Member the better the senses would increase. The genin of the clan senses can stretch up to 30 meters from there point of where they stand. A Chuunin senses would increase to be able to stretch up to 80 meters long making it more exact as it was a rank below. A jounin can stretch there senses about a good 120 meters from where they stand making them more elite to determine A person blood type and chakra type breaking it down to the tiny of bit as possible. There can only be one Sage/Kage level of the clan there senses can reach up to 300 meters letting them not just sense the people in there range but also allow them to break down the blood and chakra type more elite. The User that bites another person if a agreement is made the victim when bit will lose there bloodline and take on the Kyuketsuki blood at the cost of there own bloodline this can only be done by a sole pact by the two people.

    Genin-500 Words

    Chuunin-1000 Words

    Jounin-1500 Words

    Kage-3500 Words

    Next is there Style they use which is used more impressively by the leader of the clan,Its the way of the blood style. This style is not just used by there own blood but also able to manipulate a foe blood which allow them to make anything from it. It allows them to use there Kekkai Genkai to use the jutsu which blood is needed. There body is also Regenerative allowing for there blood to repair any injuries to there body,there fangs can also allow them ro repair injuries or just feed off another person allowing for inury healing instantly or also allowing them to drink the blood of there victims to just feed. The Blood of the clan members is poisonous so if a victim is hit with there blood they would be burned/Poison on contact.

    This part ill be created later


    ❥ Unknown


    ❥ Will Make later

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    Re: Kyuketsuki

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