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    Moka Akashiya

    Moka Akashiya

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    Moka Akashiya

    Post by Moka Akashiya on Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:55 pm


    -General Information-

    Name: Moka Akashiya

    Nickname: Dragon Queen,Vampire Empress

    Gender: Female

    Age: 1500(25)


    Moka has bright silver hair that gave off a glare whenever the sun would beam down on it, her skin seems to be a paler color than a normal human's would be and her eyes are a bloody red that pierces the mind causing a person to feel a jolt up their spine, she normally wears a teal top that shows reasonable clevage, and a white rippled skirt almost like the ones a school girl would wear, she has dark socks that reach up to her knees for that actual feel for the part. sometimes she wears a collar that has a chain but is broken off(who knows why o.o) and to top it off she has fangs.

    Moka is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in her beliefs. She is a
    hard worker and takes a strong moral stance — she particularly believes
    in following orders. She is generally reserved and truly not arrogant in
    any manner like her Allies, though she is not above mocking/joking
    around with her opponents or smirking while in combat, a trait also seen
    in her predecessor. She will not hesitate in the slightest to strike
    down even her subordinates if they stand in her way. She chooses to
    ignore all her subordinates, including her sister if she get on her
    nerves, believing that personal struggle builds character.

    Moka hungers for personal power and is a dedicated nationalist. Harboring a
    high intolerance of imperfection, light relentlessly drills herself
    towards perfection and settles for nothing less from herself or those
    that serve her. She believes that power and domination are what makes a
    person strong. She has absolute confidence in herself.which she believes
    she was born with. She has neither pity nor mercy towards those she
    marks as treasonous or inferior. Moka is marked by a distinct lack of
    empathy. Even as a child, she was seen to react with hostility when

    From a very young age, Moka demonstrated sadistic
    aggression and a near total lack of remorse to friends, servants,
    family, and animals which suggests that she could be suffering from an
    antisocial personality disorder. Moka does retain some insecurity. As a
    result of her sequestered life of royalty, she has developed a
    considerable amount of social ineptitude, particularly in her
    uncertainty of how to act around boys, and she frequently intimidates
    them during conversation. Her overly competitive nature surfaces during
    Any type of battle

    -Village Information-
    Village: Doragongakure

    Rank: S

    Elements: Lightning,Wind,Fire,Blood Style(Not Exactly A Element)


    Vampire BloodBoil-

    Moka being the leader of the clan allow her to have mastery
    over all the clans’ ability plus enhanced abilities, due to her being the Queen of the clan. Over the
    years her mastery of the clan came to come so far that she learns blood related
    jutsu or summoning at half the word count. The word count only go on blood
    related jutsu and nothing else.

    Lacky So Much-Unable To Learn S rank Fire Jutsu

    .Clan Information.

    Bloodline: Black Fang-
    Kuroikiba meaning "Black fang" surrounds the practices and ideals around the art of Vampirism,
    which includes the body functions that exceeds the normal human body. Many things that include
    increased strength,speed,sight,hearing practically all the senses are now advanced to the point
    of a normal human's body breaking. Kuroikiba is an art that elders of the practice created to
    somehow make it act like a catalyst for a better way to control their abilities for a longer
    period of time.

    Ability of the clan is like a different way of the way of the vampire
    the first way of the Clan is there enhanced Senses unlike normal
    humans. The Clan members of this clan was the first in many ages due to
    there unique ability. The Clan body is functioned with so much iron to
    increase there blood function. This allow for the clan members to have
    heighten senses which the members use to either hear,Smell etc from
    miles away the more the skillfull the Member the better the senses would
    increase. The genin of the clan senses can stretch up to 30 meters from
    there point of where they stand. A Chuunin senses would increase to be
    able to stretch up to 80 meters long making it more exact as it was a
    rank below. A jounin can stretch there senses about a good 120 meters
    from where they stand making them more elite to determine A person blood
    type and chakra type breaking it down to the tiny of bit as possible.
    There can only be one Sage/Kage level of the clan there senses can reach
    up to 300 meters letting them not just sense the people in there range
    but also allow them to break down the blood and chakra type more elite.

    Genin-500 Words

    Chuunin-1000 Words

    Jounin-1500 Words

    Kage-3500 Words

    is there Style they use which is used more impressively by the leader
    of the clan,Its the way of the blood style. This style is not just used
    by there own blood but also able to manipulate a foe blood which allow
    them to make anything from it. It allows them to use there Kekkai Genkai
    to use the jutsu which blood is needed. There body is also Regenerative
    allowing for there blood to repair any injuries to there body,there
    fangs can also allow them ro repair injuries or just feed off another
    person allowing for inury healing instantly or also allowing them to
    drink the blood of there victims to just feed. The Blood of the clan
    members is poisonous so if a victim is hit with there blood they would
    be burned/Poison on contact.

    Clan: Kyuketsuki


    All E ranked jutsus are already learned.



    The time we take to acknowledge one another should be the
    time we brace each other in harmony. Well I would want to say something like
    that if my life started as a fairytale, but like all things it comes falling
    down to the depth of earth itself. Life is supposed to be cherished but in this
    world it is taken from us. Just like candy from a baby, as fast life can come
    it can also leave just as fast. When we are born do we ever ponder the efforts
    of life or what it brings we don’t all we ever see is the negative side of it
    what about the light side and the balance of the human being like yin and yang.
    This is my story the story of Moka.

    On the borderline of the land
    of Dragons in a very
    small village there was a couple who lived nowhere near the small village. This
    couple had there own harvest and cattle you could say they were old country
    folk. Well not exactly old they were young and healthy, well as far as you can
    tell. There names were Olivia and Seth a couple who lived from the world of
    ninjas and stuff. But both were ninjas with special talents, Olivia was a tall
    women with dark pink hair her beauty made sparks fly if you could say something
    like that She was a simple jounin of the hidden Dragon village., She was famous
    among her peers for her talents for earth release and assassinations. Seth was
    abit better but he was an alien to the land of dragon parts. He was a skilled
    anbu of sorts you could say in other words. He led the anbu black ops of the
    hidden crystal village. How they met to reach this day would be yet another tale
    of Moka.

    On the night of the land of dragons festival there was a surprise to the couple
    that neither would have expected. The birth of there first child Moka a child
    who future was about to start at the time she was released from the womb. Moka
    eyes and hair was like her mothers it was yet another beauty have enter the
    family. Well that what her father use to always say in words which were kind of
    hard to understand he had some kind of accent about him which was weird. But
    since her birth she was gifted with some of her mothers talents which started
    to show at the age of six. When she was able to sneak towards her mother and
    father, with out being notice like a real assassin. Of course her parents took
    notice of this and knew what was best for her. So starting at six her mother
    started to train her in the ways of the assassin a way long forgotten by years
    that pasted. By starting her off with simple tactics to dismantle her enemy
    useless. But that wasn’t the end of it her mother also taught her the basic
    lightning release which was what her mother used. Her father was skilled in
    wind and water release so her mother taught her the ways she learned.

    Two years have pasted since then now she was ready for her next step her mother
    would put it. Living in the middle of nowhere was hard for a young girl like
    Moka. She had no friends to play with like other kids but that didn’t bother
    her even abit. Her mind was on her tactics of the assassain, one day her mother
    called out to her for her to come outside. Unknown to her that there was an
    academy scout outside ready to take her. Her mother explained what she was
    doing since her father was on a mission and she wanted Moka to go to the Dragon
    village and improve her skills beyond that of her mother. After a few hugs and
    kisses goodbye, Moka made her way to the dragon village an academy student
    where she would start her new life. The next day after reaching the village she
    was put in her class with other kids her age. Yeah she felt abit uncomfortable
    since she never was schooled before. So the days went by so fast it seem it was
    yesterday she was just coming from her lonesome household.

    On the final day of class after a few years since she started abit late. She
    grew to be a stunning and beautiful woman that took the appearance close to her
    wonderful mother. On the day she became a Jounin. , At the ceremony her parents
    was no where to be found, that’s when the same scout who came and got her and
    pulled her to the side holding a case with her name on it. That’s when she was
    told her parents was killed and her mother wanted her to have an item special
    to her. Moka was empty after hearing the news she was alone now and no one to
    be there for her. She took the case from the scout and left. …..It Was The Day
    Moka Died….

    Role Play Sample:

    This ongoing battle was leaning to one side as the night was
    going deem as it was then of all things that it was leaning to one side.
    Konohagakure a village that stood so tall once upon a time now was crumbling
    due to the actions of a few people. This village was really at the mercy of the
    group or people rather. The Screams and Cries of the citzens was like music in
    the air it was surely beautiful to say the less. As the pure melodies of there
    screams were ever lasting as it was like a wonderful opera. This was to ring a
    birth to a new world they had to bring fear into those who will not cower
    beneath there powers it was for sure. As the village was now at the darkest day
    of its history was there really any hope of it surviving the onslaught it was
    murder she wrote all over again. The destruction was phasing through the
    village as there was a explosion there and hopeless screams over there the
    smell of blood filled the air it was intoxicating as it all happened at once it
    was wonderful to say the least as it was pure Erotic.

    As the women who was controlling the ongoing beast kept

    playing her flute as she was loving the bloody smell of the village. She couldn’t
    keep her mind off it you could even say she was getting turned on a bit by just
    the smell. She was excited as she could her insanity rising as she would sense
    her doki had failed in meeting there targets. Just then her senses caught on
    another chakra entering the village it was what was stopped her doki from
    hammering her victim. As she stop playing her flute she would turn around to
    see a boy who had the sharingan appear beside her he was a thief no wonder he
    was trying to get out the village scot free if you wanted to know the truth.
    She heard of the sharingan power and what it can do even at just being at level
    two. She would put her flute in her pouch at this time the new arrival would of
    begun making his seals for the clone jutsu rather. As she smiled at the young
    uchiha she would slap her hands on his cheeks. As she would press her lips
    against his after removing her mask.

    Sometimes you think its good to get kissed y a cute girl but

    maybe not this time. As veins begun to glow in the boy body showing on his skin
    as the last ounce of chakra he had was added to her’s and his fire element and jutsu’s which she
    could use freely for this fight. The kiss didn’t take long by that time she
    would of felt the boy who created clones make them scatter about in the
    village. As the boy would drop to the ground Shiryuu hand will grip his throat
    before he could drop as she would stick her fingers in his eye to take what she
    longed for awhile as she would then sense another pathetic attempt to get at
    her happen. There was three chakra enhanced things coming her way just when one
    of Near’s path appeared beside her and spoke of some push. She already knew
    what it meant and didn’t have time to waist on these three things coming her
    way. She would do a seal as she would vanish from sight leaving the chakra
    things with no sort of target they were a good fifty meters away before she
    flickered so she was good.

    Her body would come back in view in the center of the

    village where she would look up as there was one of Near’s path in the sky. She
    would put her mask back in place as she would do a seal right quick she was
    right in the middle of the village. A clone appeared out of nowhere beside her
    she was hidden among the buildings making her a target no more as she put her hands
    in her pocket. The clone looked up before going inexistent from that very spot.
    Chakra covered her body as the Shinra Tensei was unleashed it was approaching
    her faster and faster. She just begun to walk not running like the others. As
    The Shinra Tenseu hit the village it went right through her. It was the effect
    of her Hell Release:Gasly Movement. As the village was not in complete
    destruction. As in the cu enter of what use to be the leaf she stood. Still
    having blood on her hands from taking the poor boy jutsu who body who be flat
    as a pancake by now. Her hand was on her weapon known as Reiki as she was going
    to finish importing more of her misery into these people till they suffer what
    she did.

    “God can’t help you now you know……you poor people but let me

    I will be your savior in the new world”she would mumble to herself abit. You
    could see the self confliction in her posture her eyes remained close. Her hand
    resting on her blade as she was just standing there waiting for more orders.
    She let near lead this time but soon they both will be into something bigger
    but was they ready to take that step just yet. She would begin to think of her
    love the girl she fell for during the second ninja war. Was she fighting out of
    revenge or hatred,some even say both but one thing was know of this there was
    never a easy way out. Cause Wrath is in everyone they just don’t realize it
    yet.”Shiryuu its almost here the time you wanted for all your life the birth of
    a new world”said Nibi. A smirk spread on her face as she remained there masked
    like she was waiting for something or someone to pull a hero moment. So who
    will answer the leafs final wish???

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    Re: Moka Akashiya

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    " Maybe you want her
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