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    Senju Kyofu {Legendary Swordsmen}  Image

    -General Information-

    Name: Senju, Kyofu

    Nickname: Kyo, Yellow Flash

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Appearance/Clothing: Namikaze Kyofu is fairly tall at the height of 6'2. Fair'skinned man with bright spiky blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He has jaw length bangs framing either side of his face. Kyofu is considered a good looking man to others as woman are infatuated with him. His regular attire consists of standard
    Kowaiigakure-nin uniform. Consisting of a black flack jacket, forehead protector, black sleeves with two bands on each sleeve, fitted black pants as well as shoes and a black cloak with "Sanin" written in white on the back of it.

    Kyofu has a slim body that is not only built but at the same time very cut. His and and abdomens are very cut. He weighs 160 pounds. His head protector has the Sukaigakure village crest engraved on it. Kyofu Namikaze has his Legendary weapon called Turahada on his back with it's hilt facing downwards instead of upwards like most shinobi. Kyofu also has medical tape wrapped around his right leg close to his shinobi pouch is located.

    Loyalty: Kyofu is just like his best friend Blaine and his family and as well has an unwavering loyalty to his village. That far surpasses most Shinobi's loyalty to there village and kage's. If there is a certain problem when Kyofu is suppose to leak out information he just couldn’t bring himself to even think of a possibility of telling information to anyone. The deep bond that they share is rooted into his mind and soul; he can't live without his family and friends and would never be the same if they were to die, he would blame himself forever. He treats them with respect and care for them and would never let them get hurt. He cares for their the well being more than his own, and he makes sure that they're is content when around him. If they ever were to fall he would not only catch them but put them in a safe area and move in to protect them from any attack if that means taking the blow itself.This loyalty is often mistaken for being " Soft ", until he shows them just how strong you can get protecting the ones you care about. Kyofu's Family and friends are his life ,if they were to ever fall he
    would probably also fall.

    Prodigy: Kyofu is known as a prodigy. He has a vast knowledge in ninja art and is able to understand things others his age can' calm, collected, and highly perceptive. He also seemed well aware of the terror his reputation
    inspired in his foes. He appeared to be respectful of those around him;
    he didn't like freely speaking about others' pasts, and was said to be a
    very nice person. He also enjoyes reading, and takes a special liking to
    reading Jiraiya's work in particular. He is a shrewd person, and is
    not a man who would do something without reason. He is very
    knowledgeable of the ninja world. . In his youth, Kyofu
    also had a desire to be acknowledged by everyone in the village.

    Respect: Namikaze Kyofu is well known for his respect towards others. Kyofu doesn't like to talk freely about other past and is said to be a very nice guy. Showing respect to even those who do not deserve it. But even with that much respect it still doesn't stop him from killing his enemies without any hesitation.

    Determination: Kyofu is said to have great determination. Having an unbeatable determination and unbeatable drive. Always pushing himself forward even if the road ahead of him is narrow and dark. Even when faced in a hard situation, Kyofu will never give up and will continue to fight. His drive and determination is what really sets him apart from most shinobi and is what has gotten him the rank as Sanin of his village. Namikaze Kyofu is truly one in a million.

    -Village Information-

    Rank: S

    Elements: Main: Water
    Sub: Lightning
    Sub: Earth
    Advanced: Wood (Clan)
    Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Nintaijutsu

    Extras: Super Speed, Sensory
    Flaws: Can't perform genjutsu, Fear of spiders, can't stand the smell of blood

    .Clan Information.

    Bloodline: Wood Release:
    Senju Hashirama, the Shodai Hokage, had
    the unique ability to mold the Earth and Water elements simultaneously.
    This allowed him to create Mokuton, the Wood release element. This
    elemental style allowed Hashirama and those with his genetic data to
    create and mold wood of many varied forms. This includes large
    entangling growths, barriers for defense and penetrating spikes. Skilled
    Mokuton usage allows the user to create housing structures, prisons and
    wooden clones.

    Hashirama's genetic abilities were passed on to Yamato. Yamato was the
    only survivor of Orochimaru's horrific genetic experiments. Out of the
    60 children experimented upon, only Yamato survived. As he grew he
    gained Hashirama's ability to use both Mokuton and control Bijuu.
    Orochimaru would later reproduce the experiment on ANBU Root leader
    Danzou, granting him limited Mokuton and Bijuu controlling ability after
    inserting some of Shodai's genetic data into his right arm. Hashirama
    also had the unique genetic ability to control the Bijuu, the tailed
    beasts of the ancient world. This ability was also passed to Yamato and
    Danzou, though it is unclear if this is specifically tied to Mokuton.

    None of Hashirama's genetic descendants have shown the ability to use
    Mokuton and control the Bijuu. Neither Nawaki or Tsunade, Hashirama's
    grandchildren, were seen to use these abilities. It should be noted that
    Nawaki died at a very young age, possibly before these abilities could
    have manifested.

    Clan: Senju


    All E ranked jutsus are already learned.


    History: Birth Arc: Kyofu was born in the land of Kowaiigakure but shortly departed form the village at the age of 1 due to his parents having to move with him to Suikaigakure for business. His parents were owners of the now famous Namikaze shop. Back when they lived in Kowaiigakure they weren't making enough money since they already had a couple famous restaurants such as ichirakus. So they decided to move to the sky village knowing that they didn't have many shops and that w\it was an ideal place to start their business. Being at the age of 1 Kyofu really couldn't say anything about leaving his home land. He grew a liking to the sky village rihgt away and was very happy. At the age of 34 he started taking a liking to swords and his parents could see that he would become a skilled swordsmen. With the money they were making they decided to pay kenjutsu specialists to teach Kyofu the art of kenjutsu. By the time he was 8 Kyofu already surpassed most swordsmen at Jounin level. He didn't want to stop there he wanted ot be more then a swordsmen and that's when his parents enrolled him into the academy so that he could also become a great shinobi.

    Academy Arc: Namikaze Kyofy joined the academy in Sukaigakure at the age of 8. He became well knwon by his class mates as he was at the top of his class. His teachers called him a true genuis and a prodigy. Most of the guys and girls found him to be flaky as he didn't look much like a shinobi to them with his yellow spiky hair. It was at this time that Kyofu dreamed of being acknowledged by his village and to become the Sukaikage one day. Some truly believed that he would be able to make it and other didn't saying that it was impossible. Even if his dream was hard to reach he never gave up, Kyofu was very determined his drive was unbeatable and he wouldn't let anyone who thought it was impossible bring him down. After one year in the academy Kyofu graduated shortly before his 10th birthday and was now named genin along with a few other fellow classmates.

    Genin Arc: After graduating the academy at the age of 9 Kyofu met his genin squad who were 2 years older then him. They thought that they could be able to push him around but they thought wrong. Now 10 years old Kyofu Namikaze became the leader figure of the squad as said by their Jounin master. They were known as team 7 lead by a famous jounin that goes by the name of Shun. Shun grew a special liking to Kyofu and took him in as his apprentice. He saw a great future within Kyofu thus wanting to help him grow. Shun was amazed with Kyofu's capabilities especially with his speed and swordsmanship. The other genins just simply couldn't keep up with him. Kyofu was able to analyze his opponents and their jutsu and read out their weaknesses as he fought them. He was a true prodidy, a true genius. Shun decided to talk to a couple of his friends in the Seven Soaring
    Swordsmen organization to get them to allow Kyofu to train with them. normally you are not able to join the seven soaring swords recruitment until you are at least chunin level. Kyofu was surely an exception as they asked him to demonstrate his abilities. They were all found in owe of the young boys talents. Without hesitation they accepted him in the organization.
    Shortly after that it was time for the chunin exams and Kyofu was predicted to win it.

    Chunin Arc: Team 7 entered the Chunin exams with hope. They all wanted to pass and rank up to the next rank which was chunin. The young boy already knew that he would have to make it to chunin rank if were to ever become acknowledged by the village and move on to finally becoming Sukaikage of the village. He was know 11 years of age and was ready to take his next steps. Namikaze Kyofu easily passed the first part of the exam which was the written exam. Getting a high mark of 98%. Many genins got caught cheating and were forced to leave the exams thus failing. Team 7 passed together and moved to the second round which was the forest of death. This was where they had to work together to get the opposite scroll that was given to them. They received the heaven scroll and were now looking for the earth scroll. Team 7 finally found a group with the specific scroll that they needed and both team went head to head. Thanks to Tanya one fo the members of team 7 the group came out of the fight with a victory, as she set up a trap with wires to capture the other team. Kyofu and his partners Raiga were taking on the other team and had a hard time taking them down. The other team worked well together and that's when Tanya came up with the plan to set up and trap and capture them. Team 7 was now on to the next round and that was the tournament. It was at this point on that they knew it was everyone verses everyone it was no longer about the team. They had to fight by themselves to be able to pass this one. Tanya failed to pass the second round of her fight but was still happy with her result. Kyofu ended having to go against Raiga his own teammember in the third round in which Kyofu came out victorious against his rival and friend.He moved on to the final round and won, becoming the chunin exam winner. Raiga, Tanya and Kyofu all passed and were known as Chunin rank shinobi. At that point Kyofu was able to use all 7 soaring swords which had never been done before. He still didn't decide which sword he truly wanted.

    Jounin Arc: After passing the chunin exams Kyofu left on some intense training with Shun his master for three years as they traveled the shinobi world. Kyofu learned many things about each village on this special quest and now understood a lot more about being a shinobi. The two went on multiple dangerous missions so that Kyofu would get more experience on the field. The young prodigy speed was even greater then before as well as his kenjutsu and ninjutsu skills. He even learned the art of Fuuinjutsu with his master and grew a liking to it. As soon as the 3 year training was over they headed back the Sukaigakure and Kyofu was nambed Jounin a couple days later. He also decided to wield the Torihada sword once it's current wielder retired and or quit. After becoming Jounin rank Kyofu was very pleased and was now fourteen years old. His strong drive and determination didn't let him stop their he continued to push himself. His dream was still far away. On his 15th birthday Kyofu challenged the Torihada wielder to a duel for the weapon. The young prodigy could no longer wait to obtain what was his. After a great battle Kyofu just managed to edge out the victory over his master and gained the Torihada at last. The Toriha being the most dangerouse out of the seven swords grew a strong liking to Kyofu right away and they grew a strong bond together not only as master and weapon but as master and friend. Two years passed after that and Kyofu made a name for himself after killing one of Suishougakure's highly skilled rogue. From that day on he got the nickname Yellow flash, Kyofu was so fast tat all his enemies could see before their death was a yellow flash. Kyofu Namikaze became popular around the shinobi world and was then dubbed Sanin of Sukaigakure at the young ge of 17.

    Role Play Sample: [spoiler]
    The Night was young and so was the boy who was found walking in it.
    He was located in the land of Snow. A village that doesn't ever have
    spring. As usual it was cold and snowy and the wind started to pick up
    making it hard for the young boy to see through the night. With all that
    white snow the boy really stood out, wearing a large blood red cloak,
    black shinobi pants, red shinobi shoes, black shirt and a red scarf
    covering half of his face. His blood red eye glowed in the darkness
    making him seem somewhat like a vampire. Why was this young boy doing in
    the land of snow anyways? A couple guards appeared scanning the area
    for any ninjas trying to break into the village or bring any harm to the
    village. The young boy came to halt as they were getting closer. They
    noticed him right away since the blood red of his cloak stood out in the
    white cold snowy night. The boy made a couple hand signs before
    completely disappearing from sight. This was a body flicker technique,
    it was his camouflage technique. Allowing him to camouflage with the
    environment only ninjas with unique abilities could sense, see him or
    even smell him. The guards finally arrived to wear the boy was last seen
    but they couldn't find him. Thanks the the powerful wind that blew his
    shoe tracks were also gone. " I cold have sworn I saw something. Man i'm
    getting to old for this being out so late like this." The guards left
    scanning the remaining areas. Foot steps on the snow were being show as
    the boy was walking towards the center of the village. His name, 17 and
    he knows nothing else of it. Adopted and raised by high ranked criminals
    growing up with 5 other orphans just like him. They all had numeric
    name. 15,16,17,18,19,20. The heavenly 6 was what they were called. They
    usually stick together like a pack of wolfs hunting their prey together
    in unison. But this time 17 was alone. He came tot he land of snow on a
    mission. Infiltrate the land of snow and assassinate the feudal lord.
    The feudal lord of the snow village was planning on having a surprise
    attack on the star village to gain more power to hopefully take over the
    even bigger nations. 17 found out about this top secret information
    thanks to the underground rogue group. If the feudal lord is able to go
    through with his plan a war will surely break loose between more then
    just the land of snow and star. So 17 was summoned to assassinate him
    and end it before it even starts. The other member of the heavenly 6
    didn't feel like accepting this mission since it would just give them a
    big opening to destroy one of the villages but 17 didn't find it
    amusing. 17 finally arrived to the main part of the land of snow as he
    scanned the area finding a couple guards. None of them being a much of a
    threat, 17 already each and everyone of their location even where the
    feudal was hiding as well. All thanks to his Chakra sensing technique,
    This technique is used by sensors to detect someone's chakra. Using this
    technique, sensors can tell when enemies are approaching, and can
    easily track down targets. 17 chakra sensing is so great that he could
    discern the similarity between the chakra belonging to close relatives.

    began to walk closer and closer to a what seemed to be a tower. Using
    his chakra sensing skills the feudal lord was at the top of the tower
    and heavily guarded. 1 being chunin level and 2 being jounin level while
    the rest were just simply garbage. This was going to be fun and
    interesting but how is he going to get to the top of that tower? He
    would have to fight plenty of guards on the way to the top of the tower
    which wouldn't be a good idea. 17 glanced at the top of the tower once
    more as the moon was shinning brightly behind it. Let's get this done then.
    Quickly making a couple hand signs 17 began to float in the air. This
    was another one of his special techniques, the flight technique.
    Allowing him to fly freely. The young boy darted in the air like a hawk
    making his way to the top of the tower unseen. One of the guards was a
    chakra sensing ninja so he quickly warned the feudal lord that something
    was heading their way. " My Lord something powerful as approaching in
    the sky quickly you must hide." Said the senser. " You two take the lord
    to the underground level. I will take on this unknown shinobi." Said
    the one of the jounin ranked guards as he revealed the byakugan in his
    right eye. " Quickly get going he getting near." he said. The Jounin and
    chunin ranked ninja along with the feudal lord went on their way
    proceeding to the lower level. " Come out I can see you my friend theirs
    no way your getting past me. You're has simply ran out." The guard
    said. 3 normal guards stood in battle position unable to see or sense
    17, they were lost. 17 took out his Sakura also known as his Assassin
    long sword from it's hilt located behind his back hidden by his large
    blood red cloak. 17 swiftly did a simple swoop with his blade easily
    cutting through the wall as he broke in. Not wasting anytime to take
    down his targets 17 appeared in front of one of the guards still unable
    to see him and cut him by his through, then flickered behind another
    guard cutting him down his spine. The last got scared and started
    striking the air hoping to hit 17 who grew a little smile. Leaping into
    the air then crashing down on his target with his blade as the tip.
    Blood gashed everywhere as the sakura blade went through the guards
    head. The jounin ranked Jounin watched all of this with a smile as he
    began to laugh. " How amusing, you don't waste you're time now do you?
    Show yourself I want to see the face of my next victim. " 17 released
    his camouflage technique as his blood red eyes were fixed on the guard.
    Let me guess you guys have a sensor who told you i was here and you
    could see my chakra due to that eye of yours. I am the last opponent
    that you will ever see before your death unfortunately.
    scattered all over the place this scene was just perfect. 17 couldn't
    wait to see what the byakugan can do. The boy slowly sheathed his sakura
    blade and waved at the guard to come and attack him. "we shall see by
    the end of this battle kid don't get cocky!" The guard rushed towards 17
    about to make hand seals but was quickly interrupted as 17 swiftly
    unsheathed his long sword stopping the guard from doing hand seals. This
    weapon technique is called laido, a unique technique learned by 17. 17
    quickly draws the blade to strike, then re-sheaths it after every
    attack. The speed of the 17 is so fast that it prevented enemy shinobi
    from forming hand seals. " What the!" 17 rushed in on him while he was
    stunned and landed a couple kicks to the stomach, neck and chest.
    Sending him flying into the wall behind him. I can
    prevent you from using ninjutsu so are you now rendered useless? What do
    you do when you can even use your own jutsu against someone?
    mocked the guard. 17 was getting on the guards nerves. What could he do
    now? Jutsu is basically useless against 17 at the moment. He would have
    to fight him in a hand to hand combat. The guard bit his thumb making
    himself bleed. Putting blood on all five fingers he touched the wall
    behind him for a summoning technique. A large rat appeared before him as
    he jumped on it's back. " Let's see how you do against my rat!" 17
    slowly unsheathed his long sword as he muttered a word. Scatter.
    The Sakura blade scattered into several peices floating around in the
    air. The huge rat came crashing into 17 as the pedal like blade pieces
    formed around the boy protecting him from harm. The rat continued to
    attack until finally the pink peddles all blasted forward cutting the
    rat and the guard multiple times. The rat was sent back to it's world
    and the guard now found dead, bloody and cut up on the floor before 17. Moving on now.
    The young boy slowly sheathed his blade and headed to the lower levels
    of the tower. Killing a couple of weak guards on his way he made it to
    the 5th floor where the last jounin level guard remained. He stood tall
    in front of the door which was lead to the next floor. 17 would have to
    fight and defeat him to continue.

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